Reason #406 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever

orangejuice-youAs promised, another quick Orange Juice post, to get caught up. OJ was so influential, so great and so unrecognized that they have only very recently been getting the accolades they deserve.  Everyone from Franz Ferdinand to Belle and Sebastian and even the mighty Smiths owe these guys a debt of gratitude.

Obvious Beatles reference aside, You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever is a more polished version of their officially unreleased Postcard debut. This was released on Polydor, and some purists maintain the band had peaked prior to this debut. I think they’re full of shit and need to take their fat heads out of their asses, but that’s just me. The demos and such are charming and have their place, but the production on this album, honestly, is still pretty DIY, especially by today’s standards. OJ’s greatest strength, again in my opinion, was their ability to write what Paul McCartney called silly love songs, complete with literary and very witty lyrics, and funkify them without sounding silly. They would get funkier than this, but check out the version of Al Green’s L.O.V.E. Love here, or the scratchy guitar in Satellite City and Felicity (their greatest song?).

There’s so much to love about this band, and I can think of worse places to start if you’re just getting acquainted.