Reason #407 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Texas Fever

OJGood Lord, almost 100 posts down the line and not one, single mention of Orange Juice? Let’s remedy that right away with 2 quick posts in succession on this most Scottish of indie acts. As a matter of fact, I would call Orange Juice the Original Indie Scottish pop act.

I came to them late, in 1984, when I bought this 6 song EP on the sole basis of the cool-ass cover. I had never heard a note by these guys. I lucked out though, ’cause musically speaking it fit in beautifully with what I was just starting to discover via The Smiths, The Jazz Butcher, etc. That is to say, guitar based bands were creeping their way back into my life. I should go further and say that guitar POP was making a comeback, and I welcomed it. OJ had a real funk edge to them, which separated them from the likes of The Smiths, and was something that would become more obvious as I delved deeper into their catalog. Singer/songwriter Edwyn Collins (still very much an ongoing concern…look him up and buy his stuff!) was just as influenced by Chic as much as he was by The Sex Pistols.

Buying this EP back then started me on an OJ/Edwyn Collins kick that has lasted without waning for almost 30 years. The individual CD’s are very hard to find, more so than even the original vinyl, I think. The best way to experience OJ’s music is through the terrific Coals To Newcastle boxset, it’s everything you’d ever need.