Reason #412 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Giant

woodenIf any album from the 1980’s deserves the Deluxe Edition treatment it’s Giant by The Woodentops. It is a brilliant example of mid ’80’s jangle pop, and if pressed I would cite Lloyd Cole, The Smiths and especially Pat Fish/Max Eider (The Jazz Butcher) as similar examples. No small praise there. Also, upon revisiting this album again after so many years I am also struck by how fresh this sounds. Methinks Miles Hunt and the Wonder Stuff  owes these fellows a royalty check or three… Perfect pop songs like Love Train, Good Thing, Get It On and Love Affair With Everyday Living are enough to list this here, but the whole album is nothing but exceptionally well constructed pop of the highest order.

Buy this one, and while you’re at it pick up their 2014 effort as well, Granular Tales. It’s fantastic also.