Reason #414 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Friend Or Foe

friend or foeStuart Leslie Goddard (Mr. Ant to his friends) released his official debut, Friend Or Foe, in the summer of 1982 if memory serves me, and it has always reminded me of Vincent Furnier’s first official solo album (Mr. Cooper to his friends) entitled Welcome To My Nightmare. The similarities are staggering when you stop and think about them. Both wore make up on stage, were great showmen, penned glammy-type tunes and both never released an album that was half as good as their solo debut ever.

Goody Two Shoes was the global hit but is probably the most pedestrian song here, albeit a pretty terrific one. The title track is the stand out, but Desperate (But Not Serious) is certainly almost its equal. Ant was firing on all cylinders and in turn ended up cracking the engine block, leaving his promising solo career with the junkers. He would never regain his footing, although he’s tried. This, and Kings Of The Wild Frontier (with The Ants) are all you’ll need. This is truly the last, 100%, front-to-back enjoyable album by Adam Ant.