Reason #425 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Face Dances

face dancesWho cares (pun intended) that Keith Moon didn’t appear on this record? I mean, the guy was dead, after all. What were the Who supposed to do? In my opinion Kenny Jones was a very suitable and sensible choice. He was a rock solid, if unremarkable, drummer. Anyone they chose at this point wouldn’t and couldn’t have measured up to Moon. So they chose someone who could keep the time, blend into the background and not cause any waves. A session man, in other words.

Fans hated this album when it came out. Most fans, anyway, but not me. The band had me at the cover, for one thing, which is great. I remember pouring over that thing for hours at a time. The songs, for the most part, were pretty top notch as well, I don’t care what anyone says. Don’t Let Go The Coat, Did You Steal My Money, How Can You Do It Alone, Cache Cache and You Better You Bet are better than anything off of the so-so Who Are You album, and better than anything off of the Who By Numbers bar Slip Kid, which is one of their best. If Townshend had given the band the best stuff off of his solo album that came out around the same time (Empty Glass) this could have been a 10/10. I consider it a solid 7, as it is.

All of which makes this album their best since Quadrophenia. Period.

Here’s an interesting demo video of You Better You Bet for ya!