Reason #426 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)

bowieGod I love this album. For me it represents the last time Bowie really shone as an innovator. I have high hopes for this upcoming 2013 release, but doubt it’ll reach the highs of this one. The whole album has a weird sort of tension throughout, and to me sounds more abstract than even the most abstract piece from any one of his experimental Berlin albums. Robert Fripp’s stabbing, angular guitar (an overused rock snob description if ever there was one, eh Rumproast?) sounds fantastically subversive. The title track, the 2 great versions of It’s No Game (complete with hyper Japanese recital by by Michi Hirota on Pt. 1), and the two hits, Fashion and Ashes To Ashes, are reasons enough to rate this album up there with the best of Bowie. It remains my 2nd favorite of his overall (the first prize going to the woefully underrated The Man Who Sold The World), but only by a bit.