Reason #437 Why The 80’s Didn’t Suck: Split Enz

split enzSplit Enz was a bit of a revelation for me recently. Honestly, and I hate admitting this, the only 2 songs in their entire, fairly massive, discography I was familiar with were I Got You and 6 Months In A Leaky Boat. I knew the band was fronted by the Finn brothers, and that they were from New Zealand

and had funny hair cuts, and that one of the brothers went on to front Crowded House, but that’s it really. So I sat down and really listened to History Never Repeats: The Very Best Of Split Enz, front to back, and then again for a second time. I loved it! The early stuff on this album reminds me of Squeeze quite a lot, which is no bad thing. Power pop from down under and a band whose proper records I believe I’ll have to investigate in the near future!