Reason #439 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: The Forgotten Rebels

forghottren rebels

I met Micky De Sadist, lead singer for Hamilton, Ontario punk band The Forgotten Rebels, one evening as he was rummaging through my friends garbage, for food or empties I imagine. We came home after a gig, or a party, or something and saw this dude ripping apart my buddies garbage bags. My friend, always the nice guy, walks up to him and tells him to get the hell out of there, and Micky turns around, which is when we recognized him. We’d been to probably 10-15 shows by the Forgotten Rebels, and at this point I owned every single LP and EP they put out, so needless to say I was impressed. We chatted a while and then he left, fading into the blackness like some punk spectre. This album, This Ain’t Hollywood, was always my favorite, and you cannot find a copy anywhere. If you do, please let me have a crack at buying it from you? You’ll make an old punk very happy. Along with Teenage Head, and DOA, these guys make up the three best punk bands that ever came out of Canada.