Reason #442 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: TIM

timAnd another guest post from my bud Thommy G., who is just as obsessive about great ’80’s bands as I am. Take it away, Thom!–Uncle E

If there was one 80s band that fits the “most frustrating” label, it’s The Replacements.

The Minneapolis rockers never really seemed willing, or wanted, to make it big. OK, so they just wanted to play their music for their friends and get fabulously drunk doing it.

But Bob and Tommy Stinson, Chris Mars and Paul Westerberg flat-out pioneered the alternative rock genre.

In a really messy sort of way.

When you went to a ‘Mats concert, you never knew what you were going to get; drunken mumbling or a tight show that showcased Westerberg’s fantastic lyrics (I saw them live twice; one show was awesome, the other a complete letdown).

They never took the music seriously (my opinion; I think Westerberg thought he was going to make music history and that has yet to happen).

(BTW, there’s a great documentary, Color Me Obsessed, that has just been released on DVD; check it out here:

They were banned from Saturday Night Live in 1986. During the second performance, band members – flying high on green room Champagne – wore each others’ clothes, with Bob Stinson in Westerberg’s wife’s jumpsuit. Westerberg ad-libbed the lyrics.

The ‘Mats were notorious for “tearing it up” and even went so far as to shave off their eyebrows before an interview.

But they also made arguably two of the best albums of the 80s –  Let It Be (1984, Twin/Tone) and Tim (1985, Sire).

For me, Tim is the better album. The songs are stronger, the lyrics more rich. But that’s my opinion.

The ‘Mats,  a big reason why 80s music didn’t suck.