Reason #444 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Back In Black

I was 12 years old when I bought Back in Black and brought it into my home, along with two other vinyl purchases. The other two? Tattoo You by The Stones and Double Fantasy by Lennon. This was the beginning of my collection obsession and my first run in with an attempted censorship of my music by my mom. It was a fairly weak attempt, though. Apparently, I found out later, my aunt told her that the band chose AC/DC as it’s moniker because they were “bi sexual devil worshipers”, and to “read the lyrics for proof”. So she did, and we had a talk. She quoted Hells Bells and Givin’ The Dog A Bone. I remember being both horrified that I was having this discussion with my normally quite tolerant mother, and amused that she, an intelligent woman, would be so easily swayed by this asinine assumption by my aunt. I remember telling her it wasn’t so, and even it was, so what? It’s only music, and what was she afraid of, anyway? I was and remain a fairly normal guy who never got into any serious trouble, although I went through a real anti-authoritarian phase for a while during my teens. My mom was pretty sheepish about it, I remember, and she didn’t belabor the point. She didn’t toss the record in the fireplace. She acquiesced and continued to let me listen to it without further discussion. My father couldn’t care less about the music I listened to, which was a good thing. He’d tell me occasionally that he wished I’d listen to some of his ‘good old C&W”, like Hank Williams, etc, but he never really pushed the subject. Both my parents, other than this one occasion, have been really cool about letting me listen to and buy whatever I wanted. Even when I brought home The Dayglo Abortions Feed Us A Fetus album!

Back in Black, even though I don’t listen to it much anymore, was an important album for me and I still have a soft spot for it and their earlier, Bon Scott releases. After BIB I stopped listening, but that album remains a landmark recording, and it sold a zillion copies for a reason, you know? Disco-stripper music at its finest!