Reason #454 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Arias and Symphonies

The Spoons will always have a special place in my heart. The first concert I ever saw was in some hockey rink near London, Ontario Canada, with The Spoons and Blue Peter, 2 of the most underrated new wave bands of the early ‘80’s. The show was amazing and I immediately picked up both Blue Peter’s Radio Silence and The Spoons’ Arias and Symphonies albums.

Arias and Symphonies is notable for the 3 Canadian Top 40 hits (Nova Heart, the title track and Smiling In Winter) although the rest of the album is pretty special overall; One In Ten Worlds (Co-Penned by keyboardist Rob Preuss and friend of The Nightmare) is vastly underrated, and other gems such as opener Trade Winds, Blown Away and No Electrons make this one of the most enjoyable listening experiences of the decade. It’s not just because I’m biased, either. This is some primo early 80’s new wave, along the lines of early Human League and miles better than a lot of the stuff around this time. By the time of Arias and Symphonies, these guys had it down cold.