Reason #459 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Fisherman’s Blues

I’ve always wanted to live in a little shire in the back woods of Ireland, even more so after seeing the wonderful movie Waking Ned Divine, which uses the title track from this album as the main theme. The Waterboys were a band poised to take over the world from U2 before they moved to Ireland and change their trademarked ‘Big Sound’ into warm, atmospheric Irish folk, which they did almost exclusively here. It is the Waterboys best album overall, thanks to songs like that afore mentioned title track and And A Bang On The Ear. It took me forever to find a decent hard copy, but now it occupies a very permanent place in the disk changer, hardly ever coming out. This album’s success started a bit of a macro-trend in England, with bands such as The Wonderstuff  getting more folksy with each successive album, which was no bad thing.

If you want to know what this album really sounds like, just picture The Pogues minus the vomit.