Reason #463 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: The Final Cut

Why people bash this album I’ll never know. I know some see it as an exercise in self indulgence on Roger Waters part, but c’mon. Without Rogers the Floyd would never have been what they became. That is to say, absolutely fucking HUGE. I look at The Final Cut as an extension of The Wall, which is what it is. If you want to know just how good these songs are, try burning a 2CD (160 min) version of the Wall, sequencing The Final Cut tracks in about every 2 songs or so. Had they done this I think it would have made one hell of a triple album! Taken on its own the Final Cut can seem a little lethargic, but in the context of the Wall, blended, they become little atmospheric interludes that make the somewhat muddled ‘concept’ a little more coherent. Go on, try it. I know you want to.