Reason #470 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Zenyatta Mondatta

Before Sting started having tantric sex with dolphins and way before Stewart Copeland was appearing on episodes of Storage Wars, The Police were one hell of band. While I will always think of their 2nd album (Regatta De Blanc) as their artistic highpoint, I will always have a special place in my collection for the 3rd one, Zenyatta Mondatta. It’s so packed with hits it’s kind of hard to choose songs to single out! This marks the point in their career where they really gelled as musicians and weren’t pandering to anyone. Copeland was still able to keep Sting’s massive ego in check by hitting him upside the head with his snare drum and Sting was pretty much able to keep the ‘other two’ from releasing songs. The next album, the pretty terrific Ghost in the Machine, was their last real gem. After this they released the horribly overrated Synchronicity, which had none of the charm, none of the charisma, none of the edge of this shining moment in new-wave tastiness. Plus, Sting never wrote better songs than the one’s that appeared here.