Reason #471 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Murmur

Even though Michael Stipe is now a blue headed wackadoo, he was once the very charismatic leader of an extremely talented young band by the name of R.E.M. They created one perfect album, and Murmur is it. Radio Free Europe is still one of the best songs of the decade, and Catapult, Talk About The Passion, We Walk, hell the whole album, is not far behind. They were one of the most unique bands out there, and this album was a pretty nifty blend of Big Star, The Byrds and post punk. I won’t go on as I have a deal with myself to not speak of REM as often as possible, mostly due to the type of industry poseur guy Stipe turned into. He may not be on a par with the horrid Mike Love, but he sure as hell shares tea with Billy Corgan on occasion. This document, if they had broken up after it, would have been the perfect legacy.