Reason #472 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: TPOH

Another guest post from Thommy G!

I fully admit, I love power-pop.

Sure, people like to point to The Beatles as the genesis of all power-pop, but it was Pete Townsend who coined the phrase.

My journey started with the Easybeats and continued in the 80s with The Knack, Cheap Trick and The Jam.

And, of course, The Pursuit of Happiness.

And the 1988 release of “Love Junk” proves yet again that the 80s did not suck for music.

Launched in Toronto, Canada in 1985 my frontman Moe Berg and drummer Dave Gilby, TPOH simply took off when they added bassist Johnny Sinclair and sisters Kris Abbott and Leslie Stanwyck

as backing vocalists.

TPOH signed with Chrysalis Records in 1988. Todd Rundgren was tapped to produce. “Love Junk” reached platinum on the strength of power-pop anthems like “She’s So Young,” “Hard to Laugh,” and of course, “I’m An Adult Now.”