Reason #477 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Some Great Reward

Depeche+Mode+-+Some+Great+Reward+-+LP+RECORD-390878Full disclosure: I’ve never been a huge fan of Depeche Mode. I dug ’em back in the early ’80’s, and Speak and Spell, A Broken Frame, Construction Time Again and this one were the only DM albums I’ve ever owned. My wife picked up where I left off and those later albums (Violator, etc) remain her favorites.

This album, in my opinion, was their last great one. They were still considered an ‘underground’ act, but songs from Some Great Reward, like Master and Servant and People Are People (and Somebody and Blasphemous Rumours to lesser extents) would catapult them in the direction of stadiums around the world. You see, back in 1984 songs like Lie To Me and Something To Do were considered kind of edgy as the ‘Mode sound had not yet been co-opted by a billion bands who would run it into the ground. There was still mystery at this point, although you could kind of tell that your little secret was about to get out.

This was around the time of the Smiths debut, and marked a switch in my listening habits away from synth pop and more to guitar based indie rock. I’ve tried listening to the newer stuff but it doesn’t really do anything for me. This will always remain the Depeche Mode sound for me.