Reason #479 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Mr. Roboto

Ok, so it’s either one of the worst songs of the ’80’s or one of the best guilty pleasures of the ’80’s. All I know is that the world is a better place with the song Mr Roboto in it. Flamboyant STYX front man Dennis De Young may have gone a little overboard in the cheese department with this one. The ‘concept’ is tired and cliche ridden, as this quote from wikipedia will no doubt illustrate:

(it–the album Kilroy Was Here) tells of a future where rock music is outlawed by a fascist government and the “MMM (the Majority for Musical Morality)”. The story’s protagonist, Kilroy, is a former rock star who has been imprisoned by MMM leader Dr. Righteous. He escapes using a disguise (according to the album’s famous song “Mr. Roboto“) when he becomes aware that a young musician, Jonathan Chance, is on a mission to bring rock music back.

Man oh man. Smells of aged Cheddar in here, don’t it? One doesn’t need to know the story to find some pleasure in cranking this one though. I dare you to put this on and not sing along to that chorus. I double-dog dare you.