Reason #484 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Soul Mining

I can guarantee you that this is only the first of many postings for The The albums. First off, Matt Johnston is one pissed off dude, even as early as this, but he manages to express his anger in a very poetic and profound way, as evidenced by this:

“It’s a chilly English winter, and solitude is never easy to maintain/Except when it rains/ SO I hang an empty smile beneath my empty eyes/ and go out for a walk/ The wet morning sun reflects the paving stones while a little dog barks its head off/in the distance…”

Every song on the album, in my opinion, is class-A stuff, with the standouts being the above Perfect, This Is The Day, Giant, and the epic Uncertain Smile. It’s an atmospheric sounding record, with dance elements on a few tracks that would become more pronounced on the next album (Infected), and although popular consensus states that Mind Bomb is the better record I’ll respectfully disagree. This is the The’s best album, by a mile.