Reason #490 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Fad Gadget

I remember hearing Collapsing New People in a club growing up and thinking what a bizarre sounding song that was. It sounded a bit like Tones On Tail (a later post!), but dirtier, grimier, more industrial. The percussion sounded like someone banging on sewer pipes and the singer had a voice  that reminded me of Peter Murphy. His name was Frank Tovey, AKA Fad Gadget, and after he released GAG in 1984 he decided to record under his own name.  He recorded albums under his name and his old nom de plume Fad Gadget, up until his early death in 2002. Fad Gadget has been unfairly overshadowed, especially his early stuff, by other similar bands of the era, but his stuff was quite groundbreaking when you start to dig, which I highly recommend you do. Start with Gag, work your way backwards, then forwards. Dizzy yet? You will be.