Reason #495 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: A Scandal In Bohemia

A Scandal In Bohemia by The Jazz Butcher (AKA Pat Fish) will forever remain one of those early ’80’s forgotten oddities. It’s full of brilliant little pop tunes, and if you want a comparison I’d say he lies somewhere between Lloyd Cole and Edwyn Collins, but with more songs about booze and sex. I highly doubt their discography will ever get the deluxe or box-set treatment, ’cause as I understand it the owner of the label they were on (Glass) lost the entire thing in a bar bet.

Southern Mark Smith is a master class in how to write a great pop song, Caroline Wheeler’s Birthday Present wouldn’t be all that out of place on one of the early Butthole Surfers records, and Mind Like A Playgroup, Just Like Betty Page and Soul Happy Hour are bizarre acoustic barroom singalongs.  The rest of the songs are top rate as well, not a dud to be found. Conventional instruments assured it wouldn’t age a day, and it hasn’t. The physical product is very hard to find but you can download the tunes on iTunes right now if you want. Go on. I know you want to…